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Welcome to

Clear Springs Station Australia

Home to our free-grazing,
all natural grassfed Black Angus.



Our website has been designed with all our customers and stakeholders front of mind.


We hope that you will find it informative and that the content answers many of the questions that you may have concerning our cattle – particularly our philosophy governing ‘whole-of-life’ grassfed principles and our staunch position opposing the use of all forms of hormone growth promotants and genetically modified organisms in food products.


Please take your time to read through the material and to also read about our two major advisors/service providers – Roger Garnsey, our independent Agronomist, and Bryan Corrigan, principal of Rennylea Angus, with whom we source our line of bulls.


I would also like to draw your attention to our qualifications pertaining to certification and accreditation standards. This is important to us and we take our animal health and safety standards very seriously.


Our current membership to these independent regulated bodies and our on-going compliance with these standards (including the independent audits) reflect our belief in providing both the animal, with very high living standards, and the consumer, a product that is the very best that Australia can offer.

Grassfed Angus Beef


The way we care for our cattle, pasture and community rests on the Clear Springs vision and philosophy. 

Grassfed Angus Beef


We take pride in our meat quality, grading results and the full portfolio of primal and secondary cuts available.


Have a look at how our temperate climate and nutrient-rich pasture play a big part at Clear Springs. 


Our grassfed and all-natural claims are backed by 3rd party auditors, rigourous inspections and official certification. 

Independent Certifications


Clear Springs is committed to upholding the integrity of our all-natural claims and rigorous food and safety standards.

Australian grassfed beef cattle


Learn about our Black Angus herd, cattle specifications and how animal welfare is our top priority.

Australian grassfed beef cattle


Welcome to the serene landscape we call home.  Have a look at the free-roaming lifestyle our cattle enjoy. 

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