Clear Springs Station is privately owned and managed by a family that cares for the land and respects the environment.  We breed and raise our Black Angus cattle on 8,000 acres of natural and improved grasslands. The herd is free to roam, graze and socialise in an all-natural and stress-free environment. 


We focus on improving our farm's sustainable operations through the conservative management of the soils and pasture.  This approach improves moisture retention, minimises erosion through tree plantings and manages our water catchment facilities.


Our all natural philosophy is backed by independent, 3rd party certification. We submit ourselves to rigorous audits each year to give our clients absolute assurance and comfort that at Clear Springs, we stand by our claims:


  • Low stress handling and ethical husbandry practices

  • Low animal-to-land ratio

  • Free-roaming, whole-of-life

  • No confinement

  • No genetically modified organisms (Non GMO)

  • No hormones

  • No antibiotics

  • No feedlots

  • No grain, no additives 

  • 100% grassfed, whole-of-life





Our vision at Clear Springs Station is to manage a farm where our cattle, horses, working dogs, farmyard pets, and the Clear Springs family all live in harmony in this beautiful, high rainfall valley situated in the Upper Murray River region of southern New South Wales, Australia.


Clear Springs has been a working farm since the mid 1860’s and has a long history of breeding cattle. As the current stewards of this land, we will continue to breed pure Angus cattle and play an important role in our local community.


In addition to providing a natural environment where our animals have continuous, open and uninterrupted access to fresh pasture, we also pursue leading practices in animal husbandry and weaning activities. Our family vision is simple.


To enjoy life and have fun breeding and raising lines of cattle that we can all be proud of. It is as simple as that.


The health and happiness of our cattle are a priority to us.


We live by the philosophy that if you care for the land, it will, in-turn, care for you. We manage the 8,000 acres of natural and improved grasslands in a manner that best cares for the soil, the water, the trees and strive to live alongside the natural wildlife in the valley as best we can.


Central to this belief is the trust that we place in our Agronomist, Roger Garnsey, whose views we share on caring for the soil and continuously monitoring its needs and fertility.


Our breeding philosophy also resonates with that of Brian Corrigan at Rennylea and it is these simple, but well thought through views on genetics and the science of continuously improving the ‘breeding values’ of the animal whilst controlling on-farm cost, that bring together the two farms.


Animal welfare is also a cornerstone of our on-farm practices.