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The grassland environment of Clear Springs is characterised by a gentle rolling landscape and gradual, elevated plateaux with steeper timbered hills around the perimeter, all of which contributes to large water catchment environment.


Rich in scenery, water and wildlife, the Upper Murray River farm is home to the Clear Springs Black Angus herd.


Our cattle live in a free-range environment where they enjoy a staple diet of nutrient-rich phalaris, sub-clovers, Italian rye grass and native perennial grasses.



Due to the low animal-to-land ratio, overgrazing is strictly avoided.  


This aids in managing the risk of drought as is the extensive quantity of silage taken from the pastures and stored in the silage pits or hay sheds.

The farm is conservatively managed.




Clear Springs Station is located in the high rainfall foothills of the Upper Murray River nestled in the slopes of the Great Dividing Range of southern New South Wales.  At this 35° south latitude, the region gives rise to an ideal climate for cattle production.


This agro-ecological zone, complete with seasonal variations ranging from temperate to cool with reliable rainfall, is recognised globally as fertile grounds for raising quality livestock.


Water and protective shade trees are in abundance as is the pristine pasture, and great care is always taken to ensure that the needs of the calves, weaners and breeding herd are always met.


No additives, grain, third-party cereal crops or growth-enhancing supplements are ever introduced in the feed or diet of the cattle.


Our soils are regularly tested and monitored by our Agronomist.  The soil composition at Clear Springs yields a fertile environment that engenders healthy pastoral growth.  


Clear Springs cattle are 100% grassfed, whole-of-life. They are never finished on grain. Only in severe drought conditions will grain be considered for the health and well-being of our weaners.

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