Our Black Angus herd are not cell grazed on the property but roam freely in large paddocks – from creek flats to the higher surrounding hills. 


As a responsible owner of livestock, we maintain and adhere to leading “whole-of-life” animal welfare practices and the humane and respectful handling of all livestock, including our working dogs and horses.  By providing naturally occurring and improved nutrient-rich pasture coupled with abundant clean water from the streams and creeks meandering through our land, our animals grow, develop and thrive naturally.



  • No feedlots, ever

  • No confinement, ever

  • Continuous access to pasture, creeks and fresh water catchments

  • Nutrient-rich pasture for full health and vigour

  • Cool and temperate climate

  • Ethical weaning practices

  • Abundant tree shading and cool rest areas 

  • Natural development with no added hormones

  • Professional supervision, certified in low-stress handling techniques

  • Professional veterinary care






Our cattle enjoy a home that provides:


  • Vast acres of natural and improved grasslands

  • Abundant water from natural springs, creeks and large water catchment areas

  • Plenty of shade and a temperate environment suited to Angus cattle

  • A low animal-to-acre ratio

  • An environment free of third party feed, additives or any form of genetically modified organisms (GMO) or Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP).


Humane Handling


We are committed to the humane and respectful handling of all our animals, whole-of-life. We employ only qualified professionals who have the experience and knowledge in proper breeding practices, husbandry methods, and ethical handling techniques.



At Clear Springs, no electric prods are ever used to move or control livestock. No hot branding or any identification method that causes pain and suffering is permitted.


Clear Springs adheres to the Australian National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) which controls the identification and tracing of all cattle from calving to processing. This framework contributes to food safety, product integrity and biosecurity of the Australian beef industry.


Clear Springs cattle, which are calved on-farm are each fitted with a small electronic identification tag. They are fully traceable and a whole-of-life history is maintained for each individual animal. Lifetime traceability is updated and stored in the central NLIS database, yielding full transparency and accurate record-keeping of movement of the animal.


Being free of all major epidemic cattle diseases, Australia’s animal health status is one of the highest in the world and the integrity of the prevention systems governing this status must be mentioned.


The NLIS traceability system, together with stringent health and safety standards, safeguard Australia’s standing in the global beef industry community.


Reference link:   National Livestock Identification System